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2018 Celebrity Flag Football Challenge, presented by SppSports.

Incorporated in 1986, Sports Profiles/SppSports celebrates more than 30-years of experience in the industry, focusing on leveraging the best of its properties and trademarks, specializing in consumer engagement strategies and retail initiatives.

SppSports coordinates with companies of all types - from consumables, durables, products and services - creating momentum around their brands, developing consumer engagement and building volume initiatives to equally balance marketing and sales programs.

SppSports has an in-house art department and legal team. We're a one-stop shop for the best brands in the business - working with clients such as Monster Energy, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Kellogg's, General Mills, T-Mobile and so many more. 

SppSports also organizes a series of live events anchored by Its Celebrity Games and exclusive influencer events, such as the VIP Players Party following the ESPYs and the annual Celebrity Yacht Party.

SppSports also supports several Military causes, as well as homeless shelters in major markets across the U.S.A.

SppSports owns a variety of trademarks, including its anchor - Celebrity Sweat, which is the #1 celebrity lifestyle show featuring the best athletes and entertainers, motivating and inspiring people of all ages to be active and healthy.


SppSports hosts, Eric the Trainer and Boxing Champion Victor Ortiz, interview Jason Durelo.

Sppsports has its own in-house production and script development teams. It produces 30-minute TV specials around its Celebrity Games and airs these programs on various networks, such as Fox, NBC, Cox TV and live-streams its anchor events on ESPN.


SppSports Ambassadors - The Playmate Dancers - welcome guests on-board the annual VIP Yacht Party.

SppSports is a full service management company that also produces a series of live events every year. The anchors being the Celebrity Games twice a year. In 2019, SppSports is launching a 10-city wellness Takeover Tour, in addition to hosting a series of celebrity influencer events that are "by invitation only". Companies leverage these properties with sampling and branding initiatives, as well as "influencer campaigns" and "experiential" offerings.



SppSports has been working for over 30 years with top brands in the industry, ranging from the best of consumables, durables, wireless companies, computers and technology. Building and leveraging companies to enhance brand awareness and consumer engagement through a variety of live events, TV initiatives, charitable endeavors and more - all of which generate loyalty and connectivity to consumers.



Celebrity Sweat creates short form content from all of its events, customized for a variety of its partners and has become a content generator of celebrity based lifestyle programming, currently anchored by its Celebrity Sweat TV show and thru mini-series campaigns that are being generated for networks from Discovery, Amazon Prime and others.



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