Corporate Events


cff   CELEBRITY FLAG FOOTBALL CHALLENGE® - – An Annual Celebrity Flag Football Game held the Weekend of the Big Game, now officially sanctioned by the NFL. Corporate Partnerships, Entitlement, Jersey Sponsorships, On and Off-field Hospitality, Half-Time Show Partnerships and Sampling are available. The Half-Time Show features a variety of activities with athletes and celebrities participating. National and local media coverage planned

taeboTAE-BO® FITNESS CHALLENGE – - SPP continues to be the exclusive promoter of the Billy Blanks® Annual Tae-Bo® Fitness Challenge. This promotion is all about health, fitness and motivation. Retail consumers win a chance to participate in a weekend of Tae-Bo® workshops, demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and a private dinner with Tae Bo® creator Billy Blanks®. This Promotion is leveraged locally as well as nationally. Partnerships are available in many categories including Title Sponsorship/Retail Activations/Sampling. This promotion best leveraged January/February with the actual Challenge positioned late March.

kicksForEducation KICK FOR EDUCATION® – - SPP is now entering its 7th year with an MLS Partnership. MLS joins SPP with many kid-friendly initiatives including the national “It’s Kids Fit®” Mall Tour and this “Kick for Education®” program. The “Kick” program is positioned in key markets, and co-promoted with support from AYSO and US Soccer. It offers soccer clinics, and in most MLS markets, the opportunity for kids to have a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” by participating in a $100,000 half-time kick. This promotion is offered regionally in key markets where soccer is a focus and can be leveraged in the spring or fall.

softballChallengeUSA   SOFTBALL CHALLENGE™ – - This annual event is featured in the baseball all-star hosting city. SPP exclusively manages this event with a Celebrity Softball Challenge™. Softball Challenge is a community friendly event and has local and national coverage. Softball Challenge USA features a Home Run Hitting Contest for Kids hosted by pro athletes, then the game itself is followed by autographs for everyone in attendance. This promotion is co-promoted with traditional media, as well as with direct-mail partnerships through local Little Leagues. Sponsorships are available for the Home Run Hitting Contest, Celebrity Softball Challenge™, Sampling Partnerships and Associated Sponsorships.


SCORE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS®- - Now entering its 6th year SPP manages Score for Scholarships in key football markets. This promotion offers consumers the chance to kick-start the football season with a family friendly approach. Timing is geared towards back-to-school, as well as the football season itself. Score for Scholarships® offers consumers the chance to win tail-gate gear, grilling accessories, and gives kids the opportunity to participate in a $100,000 Football Toss. This promotion is leveraged regionally and has incentives for trade customers, as well as hospitality components. Promotion is best leveraged in the fall – August through October.

sportsFansChoiceAwards SPORTS FANS CHOICE AWARDS® - – Since 1987, SPP exclusively managed, produced and promoted the Sports Fans Choice Awards. This program honored local athletes for their efforts on and off the field of play. The Awards show was produced and aired on local TV networks in Arizona, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.  Partnerships were available city-by-city, or as an Entitlement Overall Sponsor with the best efficiencies and discounts. Balloting Sponsorships and Corporate Sponsorships were available with local and multi-market options. Fans in each city voted for players nominated to various categories. By voting, fans won prizes and had access to the Sports Fans Choice Awards Dinner, which was closed to the public. Heavy local media support in each market. All pro-teams were represented city-by-city. This event was the only time that all the teams in these respective markets pulled together and showcased their players’ accomplishments collectively. These events to took place in the various markets between December and February.

celebritySlamJam   CELEBRITY SLAM JAM™ - – Each year SPP manages the Celebrity Slam Jam™, which is best described as a “Private Players Party” in the hosting City. The Celebrity Slam Jam™ is always held the Friday before the Big Game and will feature 3 to 4 basketball players with Pop-A-Shot Competitions, Q&A sessions, autographs, NBA trivia, games, prizes and giveaways for all ages. The event is by invitation only. Consumers can be part of it through on-air giveaways, private invitations, retail extensions, etc. – - Media Partnerships, Activity Partnerships, and Corporate Sponsorships available.

kidsTimeXtreme IT’S KIDS TIME XTREME® - – SPP Kids, a division of Profile Network, Inc. managed the #1 Interactive Mall Tour promoting education, safety, nutrition, and fitness to families with kids. The Tour features 34 to 36 stops annually. The tour runs March through November and promotes a variety of interactive kiosks, activity stations, prizes, giveaways, demos and more. The Tour promotes math competitions and spelling bees hosted by various professional athletes. The tour also promotes an MLB interactive area, an MLS sports zone, geography competitions, building corners, construction zones, and more.  “It’s Kids Time Xtreme®” sponsorships available with or without retail extensions.


  BOWL WITH A PRO™ – - Bowl with a VIP group of your clients or friends. A pro basketball, football, hockey and/or baseball celebrity will bowl with your group for an event that is exciting and memorable. This event can be held year-round and can be promoted as a consumer sweepstakes as well. Light menu can be arranged.


  Celebrity Poker Tournament® - – Is an annual 8 – city tour which benefits local children’s charities in key markets across the country. These Tournaments are non-gaming Skill Competition events for individuals over the age of 21. Local sampling partnerships and corporate sponsorships are available.

GolfProAmStars  Celebrity Golf Pro Am® – - Offered annually in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. The Pro Am Tour is offered spring through early fall. Contests, prizes and local celebrities are part of the action at these great corporate events.

predictAwin PREDICT AND WIN™ — Predict and Win™ is an exciting promotion to stimulate consumer interest in your product. Five or ten winners of a particular sweepstakes will be asked to submit their half-time and final score predictions for that specific pro basketball or football game. The winning combination will receive the Grand Prize of $100,000. In case there are more than one correct predictions, the $100,000 will be shared. This promotion can be held in the spring.

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