Celebrity Sweat

logo-cs5 Check out our health, wellness and fitness division – Celebrity Sweat.

Celebrity Sweat is a trademark owned by Lisa Abbi Enterprises,Inc., an Illinois corporation.

Our Celebrity Sweat brand offers a unique reality and fitness show annually on national cable networks, while also being featured in-flight on Delta Airlines. Celebrity Sweat showcases a behind-the-scenes look at the workouts of popular athletes, celebrities and entertainers. A star-studded lineup is excited about showcasing the best of what they do to stay in excellent physical shape, hoping that they can inspire others to become more physically active, making for a healthier America. We also feature top celebrity chefs across the country and their delicious healthy meal ideas.

Csweat.com is your official site for Fitness, Nutrition and Entertainment, you can access the site here .

For more information on Celebrity Sweat check out our exciting website at www.csweat.com, or drop us an email at contactus@sppsports.com. You can also reach us at 1-800-725-9423 x818.